Anatomy of a Room-Shalini Singh’s Bedroom

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   I recently worked on a quaint,  one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. My client, Shalini,  wanted bold strokes mixed with soft neutrals to create an atmosphere that was part Hollywood glamor and part livable serenity. The rest of the apartment has a soft color palette of light yellow, gray, and pink with brown for grounding and silver for some glitz. The bedroom was an area where we were not afraid to go dark because of ample natural lighting.  Shalini wanted the room to be very relaxing and plush. She also wanted to incorporate a few Asian and Indian references to provide a subtle...

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Anatomy of a Room- Roddy Bottum’s Kitchen Parlor

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We are currently working on some wonderfully fun and functional rooms for Roddy Bottom in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles.  Nature  is the concept and the style is a whimsical mix of Traditional , Organic Country and a little Mid-Century Modern thrown into the mix. The small area above is a lovely little nook leading out from the kitchen and adjacent to the living room. The area was a moderately functional office and catch all that included a hardly used player piano, records, and doggy items. Since we would be relocating the office  and there was already a nice breakfast nook on the...

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Divine Ceiling Decoration-Inspiration and Ideas

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Inspiration is everywhere. Whether it be a street car, a tree, a photo of a beautiful room or an abstract painting, Design ideas can spring from the most obvious to the most obscure sources. We get color, vibe, texture, shape, and pattern cues  from history, and the natural and man-made world around us. A great Interior Designer will be able to assimilate inspiration photos and objects into something completely original and fresh. These images can also offer design validation when I become concerned about an untried design combination, such as a color scheme.     People think a lot about...

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Can I Afford an Interior Designer?

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Many people are afraid to call in an Interior Designer when they are on a tight budget. If you can afford to redo or remodel your home or office, you can most likely afford to hire a Designer to help you. Two major concerns people have about using a professional are the added cost and creative control. These are valid concerns and they should be addressed in the initial design consultation. An important thing to do before this initial meeting is to figure out the amount of money that you can comfortably spend on the project. The designer will help you assess if you have a realistic budget...

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Luxury on a Budget part 2

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In my previous blog, I defined “luxury” as the perfect blend of comfort, glamor, and excitement in your home. My four KEYS to “”luxury on a budget” were FUNCTION, LAYERING, SMART SHOPPING, and an OVERALL PLAN. I would like to address the last two keys of  “shopping” and “planning”. These two items should be synonymous with each other, but they hardly ever are. A big mistakes that non-professionals make is shopping for the sake of shopping. When you do this, you end up with an abundance of disparate items that offer no cohesion in your...

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