“I bought my first home, 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath with great bones but peach walls and dirty grey carpet. I knew I had a certain budget to spend on renovations if I wasn’t buying a “turnkey” place, but was TERRIFIED of how my money might get spent and diving into the giant process of tearing up carpet, painting and color scheme. I wanted my home to be both relaxing and chic, and UNIQUE, reflecting my travels and taste. I have been in my home for a year and it’s my “manor” my haven my gem – there is absolutely no way I could have handled or dreamed up any of this on my own – and for a budget that was sensible!”


“Before I hired Jonamor Decor, I was a color virgin, a pattern virgin, and someone who picked out furniture regardless of the frustratingly small size of my apartment. My place had white walls, plain curtains, and ill-suited furniture that led to daily toe stubbing and piles of papers.

Every time I was bored at work I’d go on websites like apartment therapy and enter into a fantasy that I too could have a beautiful place, but I had no idea where to begin. Certain basic concepts like proportion, fabric and scale eluded me. Jonamor Decor helped me with all the areas I didn’t know about, and they even humored me in my unhealthy obsession with Feng Shui.

Jonona and Señor Amor had years of experience and knowledge, creating a result I could never have achieved on my own. They held my hand through the process of getting color on my walls, found cool antique posters to frame, and introduced me to awesome vintage stores I never knew about in LA. They got me to prioritize choosing pieces that were functional and appropriate to the space they were going in, and it has made a world of difference in my ability to now keep my place clutter-free.

I’ve received so many compliments on my place from friends who can’t believe the transformation. And, most important of all, I made my sister jealous.”


“I had never worked with an interior decorator and was nervous about the idea. I figured I knew how to make my house look the way it should and don’t need help. But I’d also seen some of the amazing transformations Jonamor Decor had done to houses of different friends of mine. The houses ended up expressing the personality of my friends in inspiring ways that they’d never been able to effect on their own.
Jonona Amor had been a well known nightclub entertainer and her husband Senor Amor was one of LA’s most famous DJ’s before they opened this business. This experience helped them add a fun theatrical style to my place. (And if you look through their site you can see that because of this they have worked with a lot of cool underground celebs which led to an LA Times profile on them)!

There was so much I didn’t know about fabric, color, etc that they taught me while doing this. Not only that, they saved me a ton of money because they knew every secret spot to get furniture, framing, fabric, cheaper than anyplace else. They also found super fun weird antiques for me including chandeliers that once belonged to Darla from the Little Rascals! I had actually been so sick of my place that I had been thinking of moving before I hired them. They completely reinvented my place and did it based on my aesthetic. My place is now comfortable, but also inspiring and fun. Hiring them was much cheaper than moving to a new place. And if I move, I would definitely use them again because they did such a great job at a good price!”


“As someone who knows a few secrets as to where to buy quality fixtures at the best price in Los Angeles, Jonona knows all of my secrets and more. I’ve never heard a customer say they felt dissatisfied with the final result of Jonona’s work, and every single one has been comfortable with the price.
Having always found the entire concept of interior design to be silly, I’ve been most impressed with the effect Jonona and Senor were able to have on the most bland and mundane of rooms. While I haven’t had them do my own abode, were I ever to decide to take the plunge, they’d be the first people I’d call.”

TED PLANK-Construction Contractor

“When I bought my beautiful home in Highland Park, the interiors were all sage green and sky blue. It needed help! And that help came from the amazing Jonamor Décor Design! Their creativity and professionalism turned my house into a unique showcase that has now been featured in many websites, magazines and newspapers (including The LA Times Home Section!). And the most important part? They worked within my budget!”